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Chronicle [2012]

| Filed under Fantasy Found footage Sci-Fi Superhero Thriller

7 Stars (7 / 10)

As far as super hero films go you can do much worse than Chronicle. The acting, special effects and most importantly the story line are pretty much spot on in this film. Personally i’m not a fan of the found footage films, they tend to be poorly executed & predictable, but thankfully “Chronicle” is well thought out and has a fresh feel to it. (more…)

The Green Hornet [2011]

| Filed under Action Comedy

2 Stars (2 / 10)

The Green Hornet
Not the kind of movie I would normally watch…wading through the layers of implausibility and comic silliness was very difficult for me.  This comedy starring none other than funny man Seth Rogen was at best bearable with some funny moments, although few and far between. (more…)

What Happens in Vegas [2008]

| Filed under Comedy

3 Stars (3 / 10)

What Happens in Vegas
I can’t remember if it was the trailer or reviews that made me deliberately avoid this film when it was released a few years back. In the mood for a comedy I thought why not give What Happens in Vegas a go… (more…)