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About was created to give no nonsense, short and concise movie reviews. The movie reviews at are rated using a ten star rating system. Movies are reviewed based on many criteria most important of these being story line, originality, acting and direction.

GI write about moviesood morning! Buddly here, I review these movies within a few days of watching the film (any longer short-term memory loss kicks in). My passion for movies is real (reel?), I have always loved a good film and am constantly seeking out new movies to watch. Being a guy I tend to lean toward the action movies (yeah i know) but truth be known I am not restricted to one genre or style of film making and am happy to sit down to a drama or even romance (eeeek!).

I prefer to watch films on my own… no distractions. I like to be absorbed by the film, taken on the adventure. The best kind of movie is one that can take me on a journey with little effort on my behalf, a movie that can have me believing what I’m seeing now matter how absurd or unlikely the circumstances.

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