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The Green Hornet [2011]

| Filed under Action Comedy

2 Stars (2 / 10)

The Green Hornet
Not the kind of movie I would normally watch…wading through the layers of implausibility and comic silliness was very difficult for me.  This comedy starring none other than funny man Seth Rogen was at best bearable with some funny moments, although few and far between. (more…)

What Happens in Vegas [2008]

| Filed under Comedy

3 Stars (3 / 10)

What Happens in Vegas
I can’t remember if it was the trailer or reviews that made me deliberately avoid this film when it was released a few years back. In the mood for a comedy I thought why not give What Happens in Vegas a go… (more…)

I love you, Man [2009]

| Filed under Comedy

7 Stars (7 / 10)

I love you, Man
I finally found myself in the mood to give “I love you, Man” a viewing and i’m glad I did. This is neither a chick flick nor a movie about homosexual male bonding (thankfully), more of a guys flick with just enough “ahhhhhhh” & “arrggghhh” moments to keep the girls interested. The whole cast is convincing with the three leads Rudd, Segel and Jones doing a great job. The standout for me was Jason Segel playing the guy who never grew up, Jason displays a solid performance and is well suited to the character of Sydney Fife making for some nice entertainment. (more…)