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I love you, Man [2009]

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7 Stars (7 / 10)

I love you, Man
I finally found myself in the mood to give “I love you, Man” a viewing and i’m glad I did. This is neither a chick flick nor a movie about homosexual male bonding (thankfully), more of a guys flick with just enough “ahhhhhhh” & “arrggghhh” moments to keep the girls interested. The whole cast is convincing with the three leads Rudd, Segel and Jones doing a great job. The standout for me was Jason Segel playing the guy who never grew up, Jason displays a solid performance and is well suited to the character of Sydney Fife making for some nice entertainment.

I wouldn’t say this is an original story but it doesn’t have the feel of something that has been redone. The plot although predictable has just enough cute, feel good and unexpected awkward moments to keep you interested. I feel they could have pushed the envelope and developed the story a little more in the middle and at the ending though.

I found “I love you, Man” to be an above average comedy-drama definitely worth a look.


Paul Rudd does a great job playing Peter Klaven, a middle aged guy who works in real estate. Peter who has no male friends realizes he won’t have anyone to be the best man at his wedding. Thus Peter goes on a man hunt with the help of his gay brother, wife to be and her girlfriends. Being very insecure about making new male friends he finds it very difficult to say the least. With many awkward moments Peter Klaven finds himself on various “man dates” until he finds mister right in Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) at an open house.

Sydney Fife is a bit of a bum, the guy who never grew up, seemingly the polar opposite to Peter Klaven who is a bit of a responsible stressed out type of guy. This odd match up makes for a great story as we see Peter slowly lose his inhabitations the more he hangs out with Sydney. This new freedom that Peter experiences has him spending more and more time with his new friend which puts a strain on his relationship with Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones). With the big day looming it looks like this new “bro-mance” might put the jeopardise the wedding.

Lou Ferigno fans rejoice! In the sub-plot we find none other than Lou Ferigno (playing himself) in more than just a cameo appearance Lou is trying to sell his house and has given Peter Klaven the exclusive listing. We also see him wrestling Sydney to the ground and as one of the grooms-men at the wedding.

Review of the movie: I love you, Man
Date Published: 08/27/2012
Starring: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones
7 / 10 stars

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