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Safe House [2012]

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7 Stars (7 / 10)

Safe House
Safe House is another CIA “rogue agent” flick ala Jason Bourne. Ryan Reynolds plays Matt Weston a young and somewhat inexperienced agent who looks after a CIA safe house in Africa.

The sleepy job has him frustrated with the posting as there is rarely any anyone to protect. That is until now… what follows are all the thrills and spills you could hope for in this genre, not quite the quality of the “Bourne” series but certainly not far off! I really enjoyed seeing Reynolds portray a convincing performance in Matt Weston, with plenty of believable raw emotion and sheer determination. The fight scenes and car chases are excellent, plenty of action from this flick with almost no dull moments.

Is the plot original? No not even close, we have seen this recycled multiple times, but that’s ok it still works for those that enjoy this genre. The camera shake is noticeable especially in the car chase scenes and might frustrate some viewers. Safe House is a very entertaining and recommended viewing. If you liked The Bourne movies you should like this one. With a very similar theme and non stop action.


Jason Bourne… *cough* errr I mean Tobin Frost is one of the CIA’s elite who has been rogue for 10 years. To avoid being killed by some bad guys he slips into the American Consulate allowing the CIA to take him in. He is then escorted to the “Safe House” which is subsequently broken into by the bad guys, but alas he manages to escape with the help of Matt Weston. Thanks to his psychological profile training and various other people skills Frost slowly befriends Weston who is hell bent on bringing him to justice.

Multiple fist fights, gun fights and car chases later we are left with the inevitable cliché ending. Frost helps Weston understand that the CIA is corrupt and the information that is contained in his hidden microchip exposes them.

Review of the movie: Safe House
Date Published: 02/13/2014
Starring: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds and Matt Weston
7 / 10 stars

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