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The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day [2009]

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1 Stars (1 / 10)

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
I remember thinking the original Boondock Saints was an average action movie with some eccentric and funny moments which made it very watchable and I remember enjoying the film. Unfortunately not the same can be said about The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this mess of movie. Having not read any reviews about the film I went into it expecting something similar to the original film or at least be as good as most sequel’s get. The reality is however that this sequel to the Boondock Saints is at best a bad “B grade” movie. Everything about this film is bad, from the acting, script, direction, editing. I found nothing to praise about this movie. For the sake of this review I endured the whole feature, forcing myself to stay focused and not end my suffering with one swift push of the stop button…i was so relieved when it had finally ended!

Why did I hate this movie so much? Almost every scene of the movie is trying to be funny, but falls flat on it’s face every time. Bad acting with a bad script trying to make the audience laugh with mostly inappropriate sexual references, out of place crude jokes and bad language. I couldn’t keep count of all the many “penetration” references in this film. Don’t get me wrong i’m good for the odd crude joke, but please almost every scene? Troy Duffy (story writer) really messed this up with a script that is so bad it defies logic. The story? Well it’s bad, jumps all over the place, is incredibility unbelievable and boring. Almost all the scenes are very short and forced, jumping between the saints, the father, the bad guys and the cops, with a non-flowing awkwardness about it, which really gives that sense of a poor low budget production.

The worst acting comes from the three detectives who are constantly arguing, yelling, saying something crude or spitting out foul language like a raw sewage pipe. Detective Greenly (Bob Marley), Detective Duffy (Brian Mahoney) and Detective Dolly (David Ferry) are so ridiculously unconvincing on screen it’s painful to watch.

I found nothing good about The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, it is very difficult to take this movie seriously. This film comes across as poorly put together, with bad acting, poor direction and one very bad, confused story line. The film has short switching scenes which are intended to give the feel of a fast paced and connected unfolding of the story, however the opposite occurs! You are left with a dull, disjointed and boring story that seems to drag on and on.

Trashy, unbelievable, long winded and boring. The Boondock Saints II is almost unwatchable.


Trying to emulate the success of the original film the eccentric and gifted special agent “Eunice” plays the exact same role that Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe) played in the original Boondock Saints. As fictitious and bizarre that these characters might be, Smecker was semi-believable, funny and likeable in the first movie, not the same can be said about Eunice who is unconvincing and far fetched.

The action scenes are so unbelievable it’s embarrassing. The effects of the gun shots, the flashes from the muzzles are very fake looking, like something you would expect from a very low budget B Grade movie. I have seen youtube clips with more realism. The action was so bad I wanted to cry, in one of the scenes the saints gun down a group of men in a bar. The men are all slain dropping to the ground in slow motion, however one of the guys doesn’t even get shot! You can clearly see the other guys getting hit by bullets but this one guy just drops to the ground. Yep it’s that lame!

Review of the movie: The Boondock Saints II (All Saints Day)
Date Published: 09/13/2012
Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connolly
1 / 10 stars

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