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The Green Hornet [2011]

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2 Stars (2 / 10)

The Green Hornet
Not the kind of movie I would normally watch…wading through the layers of implausibility and comic silliness was very difficult for me.  This comedy starring none other than funny man Seth Rogen was at best bearable with some funny moments, although few and far between.

Unfortunately the predictable, tediousness of the film is hard to ignore. The story? Well not much of a story really, rich kid inherits estate & newspaper business, finds a sidekick (Jay Chou) & secretary (Cameron Diaz), then decides to fight a drug boss….which pretty much wraps up the whole story with no plot twists or build up to anything worth while. The movie feels rushed and short because of the lack of story, complete lack of character development and poor direction.

Maybe a young teen would find The Green Hornet enjoyable? If this is your genre better to watch Iron Man, Thor, etc. Do yourself a favour don’t watch this unless you are really bored, it’s almost certain to disappoint you.


Seth Rogen plays Britt Reid a guy who’s dad has died and now has the responsibility of running a newspaper. Britt befriends an employee of his late father’s estate who just happens to be an expert in martial arts, a weapons expert and a mechanic who can build James Bond style cars in just a couple of days. “Kato” (Jay Chou) can also put everything in slow motion when his heart rate gets fast, which is a nice trick when people are trying to kill you. Batman and Robin are no match for this unlikely duo…except why is Britt the super hero and Kato the sidekick? Lets see now…. Britt is a fat unfit slob who can’t fight and Kato is the guy who could level both Bruce Lee & Jason Bourne with one punch! Mmmmmm? That I will never understand! I guess it’s Hollywood trying to be clever again and totally missing it.

Review of the movie: The Green Hornet
Date Published: 10/17/2012
Starring: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz and Cameron Diaz
2 / 10 stars

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