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Two Mules for Sister Sara [1970]

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5 Stars (5 / 10)

Two Mules for Sister Sara
Hogan (Clint Eastwood) teams up with Sister Sara (Shirley MacLaine) for an adventure in the Mexican desert. Not what you would expect from a Clint Eastwood western. A lot of drama and conversation, not so much gun slinging.

The story is really about the relationship between Hogan and Sara. Hogan tries to understand Sara the nun as she practises her faith.

I loved the open scenes of this movie, the cinematography is superb. Close up shots of wildlife that sweep to Hogan the drifter in the background making his way through the desert. Accompanied by some eccentric (almost annoying) but somehow appropriate music.

I really thought I was in for a treat after the first 30 minutes of this film but it did seem to drag out a bit. I was hoping for more action and less “drama”. The ending was the climax of this film and I thought It could have been done better.

Worth watching, Two Mules for Sister Sara is a good movie, however don’t expect the gun slinging action from Eastwood’s previous westerns.


I didn’t like the ending, from the moment Sister Sara proclaimed her true identity I felt that the relationship between Hogan and Sara made no sense. There was little dialogue between the two, no real explanation or reconciliation for the deception. A quick romp in the bathtub and riding off in the desert all tarted up with no follow up made it feel unfinished. With the personality change of Sara leaving a sad longing for the return of the innocent “Sister Sara”.

I felt the fighting scene at the end could have been done better, with slow close ups of wounded soldiers looking very unconvincing. In general the ending had a rushed feel about it…after all what happened with all that loot?

Review of the movie: Two Mules for Sister Sara
Date Published: 09/24/2012
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Shirley MacLaine, Manuel Fábregas and Alberto Morin
5 / 10 stars

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